Offer and Combos

What are combo offers?

Combo offers are the special offers on selected merchandise that provide you the best deal on meeting the combo conditions. For example: under the Buy 2 Get 1 offer you would get the third item free on buying two from the applicable selection (You will have to select three products from the applicable merchandise to enjoy the offer). Similarly, under the Buy 2 for 599 offer the user can get any two items from the defined catalog at the combo price irrespective of the individual product prices.

Can I avail these combo offers on all the products?

No, these offers will be applicable on the selected list of products from the defined catalog. You can find the products on which the offer is applicable with the respective offer tag on them.

Can I buy other products along with these combo offers?

Yes, you can buy other products along with the combo offers. However, those products, if not a part of the offer, will be treated as separate items and not a part of the combo offer.

Can I avail multiple combo offers together?

Yes, you can add multiple combo offers to the cart. They will be treated as separate combo-offers individually.

Is the combo-offer applicable if I cancel one product from the combo-offer?

No, the combo offer will not be applicable if you cancel any one product from the offer. Cancellation of a single product will lead to cancellation of all the products under the combo.

Does cancelling one product from one combo offer affect my other orders?

No, cancellation of one product from a combo offer cancels only products under that particular combo offer. Rest of your orders including the other combo offers remain unaffected.

Do I have to apply a separate coupon to avail these combo offers?

No, you don’t have to apply any coupon to avail these combo offers. As long as you are adding the required number of valid products for a particular combo-offer, your combo-offer will get auto-applied on the cart.

Can I apply another coupon on the combo offers?

No, you cannot apply coupons on the combo offers. You can apply coupons on orders with combo offers only if your cart contains products other than the products related to the combo offers.