Art Soothes

One of the important functions of Art is that it soothes the human mind.

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Some important pointers one must remember and be aware about Art in Life…

So how does Art work in the human mind?

Primarily, Art makes Life Better! This simply means that

while Art my not have any direct tangible or physical benefit to life, it has intangible benefits such as Emotional Fulfillment, Bringing a Sense of Joy or Simply Soothing. One needs to find some place in one’s rushed life to stop by and reflect upon the beauty that art bestows upon their senses. Once this starts, it leads to a shift in mood, temperament and even attitude and behavioral shift in a person.

How does art soothe the human mind?

Art simply soothes the human mind by invoking a sense of bliss and relaxation in the viewers mind. However, one must note that Art can be appreciated only on a full stomach.

In simple words, it can work only when a
person has taken care of his basics in life and has the time and inclination to look towards higher things and purpose of life.

Artistry and Life!

Many people say that art and artistry by itself can simply not fill up your stomach. However, it is important to note that it definitely fills up your emotions and makes if more easy, affable and even amiable. Art brings out your higher side and even brings out the best in you.

Art is a creative escape from the harsh reality. There are many ways of cutting oneself away from the harsh reality. Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality and other methods are the long term methods that benefit people in many way. Yet other people try a quick fix to find their few moments of peace, bliss and happiness.

Art falls somewhere in between. Here, art takes you away from the difficulties of life for a small duration and thus gives you a much needed respite from a long, stressful and fast paced life.

A revisit to some fundamentals of Art in Life.

The purpose of art in life has always baffled the common man or the lay person. While art aficionados have celebrated art at it highest level, the common man has been left asking a simple question…

What is the Purpose of ‘Art in LIfe’?

The answer has been simple ‘Art makes one feel better’. Thus, the next question that followed was…

What is the purpose of ‘Innovation in Life’?

Again, a simple answer ‘Innovation makes one’s life better’.

So what happened after that was simple, yet creative…

#iliveart was born!

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