#iliveart – Bringing a little bit of Art in your Life!

It all started with an idea to ‘Bring a little bit of Art in your Life’.
So how could we bring art in life?

We started with unique T-shirt designs as a form of Art on T-shirts. We then decided to experiment with Black printed T-shirts and White printed T-shirts for men and women and came up with new design patterns for men and women.

This was the first baby steps in a long journey to bring art in peoples lives.

What is the Purpose of ‘Art in Life’?

The purpose of art in life has always baffled the common man or the lay person. While art aficionados have celebrated art at it highest level, the common man has been left asking a simple question…

What is the Purpose of ‘Art in LIfe’?
The answer has been simple – ‘Art makes one feel better’.Thus, the next question that followed was…

What is the purpose of ‘Innovation in Life’?
Again, a simple answer – ‘Innovation makes one’s life better’.So what happened after that was simple, yet creative…

Bringing Art in Life through everyday use Products.

Having answered these simple yet fundamental questions, we embarked upon a great and exciting journey. We wanted to bring ‘Art in Life with an Innovative Aspect’.

We planned to build up a series of products where we could bring art in people’s lives in form of fashion, lifestyle, decor and accessories. A journey that would create a multitude of possibilities such as wall-papers, table cloth, table mats, wall decorative, apparel patches, and many, many more to come.

Now we started thinking, how can we really make a difference, an impact in peoples’ lives.

As we were planning to bring art into peoples’ lives, we went further and started looking at the artists fraternity…

So what about the artists fraternity?

A simple observation was while few artists had huge audiences to buy their work and keep them busy and well financed, a very large number of artists were struggling to make ends meet. While some were trying to find an audience, others were trying to keep their

home and hearth running. There was this tremendous disparity in how the society was treating different artists.

This made us take a step forward. While we understood that it was not possible to change the world overnight, we could start m

aking a difference by making a change one person, one situation, one aspect at a time. We then decided to take these steps forward and decided to identify artists and groups that needed support at a time.

Thus, its more about being a part of everyones’ lives…

A holistic approach to ‘Bring Art in Life’?

By attempting to ‘touch peoples Lives through Art, we made a further progress to touch all stakeholders lives by meaning different things to different stakeholders.

For the users, #iliveart would be about using Art in Life whereas for the artists it #iliveart would be about finding an audience and getting support to lead their lives better.

Are any other sections of the society going to benefit from #iliveart?

Yes, all manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, processors and related sections and parties would also benefit from this initiative.

#iliveart – A holistic approach.

Thus, #iliveart is an attempt to touch all possible stakeholders and sections of the society through Art.

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